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What to Know About Being a Nanny in the Triad

Thinking about finding a nanny job in North Carolina, but not sure where to start? Do you have questions about the number of child care workers in the area, or average pay, or where to find other resources? Before you jump into your child care job search, read through the blog post below to learn about what it takes to be a nanny in the Triad!

How many child care professionals are in the Triad?

While COVID-19 has affected the average number of child care workers and employment in North Carolina, not to mention the country, let’s talk about the 2019 numbers to get a better idea of the state’s average.

In 2019, North Carolina employed approximately 19,780 child care professionals. When broken down by area, the number of workers in the Triad made the top ten in the state. Greensboro-High Point had about 1,200 employed, while Winston-Salem had about 1,130 child care workers. The numbers aren’t as high as in more populous cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, but it does show that there is a demand for nannies in the Triad area.

What’s the average pay and cost of living?

The average hourly pay for a nanny in Charlotte, NC, as of June 2020 was $15 per hour. Pay ranged from $12 per hour to almost $20 per hour in the area. Annually, the average base pay hovered around $30,000 a year. Remember that factors such as number of hours, experience, or qualifications can affect your pay rate.

Also, consider the cost of living in the Triad, which can affect the perception of your pay. Greensboro is 8.4% less expensive than the national average. Winston-Salem is 7.7% less expensive, and High Point is 8.2% less expensive. Rent is generally more affordable than the national median, along with home prices around the state.

Where can I find support from other local nannies?

Nannying is hard work, and with a global pandemic, many nannies need support from others in the industry now more than ever. That’s part of what we at Preferred ChildCare offer: ongoing support, resources, and the chance to network with other nannies in the Triad area. We may not be able to link up in person right now, but there are plenty of places to find support from other child care workers online.

The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies (NC PAN) is a volunteer-run organization in the state, dedicated to providing educational and networking resources for its members. NC PAN members get access to exclusive content, admission to all programs and events, membership in a private online community, and much more.

There’s also The Nannyhood, a community that fosters friendships for nannies in their cities, and offers resources and support for child care professionals. Plus, there’s a local Hood in Charlotte, NC! 

Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to local groups! The International Nanny Association has a support group membership that meets in person and online. You can search for other national or international groups on Meetup and Facebook, too. You can bond with other people, no matter where they are, by simply sharing your nanny experiences with each other.

What about non-local resources?

If you want to stay up to date on nanny news, read advice, and learn from others’ experiences without joining a group, there are lots of blogs for that!

Let’s start off by talking about the Preferred ChildCare blog. It’s still in the early stages, but I can’t wait to dive into other childcare topics and share more advice and inspiration in blog posts to come.

There’s also Nanny Magazine, a publication that launched in 2014 that covers industry trends, news, issues, professional advice, and so on. Need ideas for your next indoor craft day or baking adventure with the kids? Be the Best Nanny is teeming with excellent kid-friendly (and nanny-friendly) projects.

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