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Home for the Holidays: Holiday Schedules + Pay for Nanny

Are you ready for the holidays? We’re not talking about buying gifts for your loved ones or rearranging your family get-togethers because of COVID-19. (Zoom Thanksgiving, anyone?)

We’re talking about preparing for the holidays with your nanny! The holiday season can get pretty hectic, so it’s important to discuss things like time off, holiday pay, or working extra hours with your nanny early. Use this blog as a reminder to start planning ahead now!

Are holidays off paid or unpaid?

Generally, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day are considered official paid holidays for many employees in the United States, among other days through the year. You can treat it as a paid holiday for your nanny or an unpaid day off. If your nanny works, you might offer holiday pay (more on that in a moment).

These options aren’t required; you make your own rules as a private employer. However, giving nannies paid holidays is the norm for many families. In 2017, over 70% of families gave their nannies paid holidays off.

Should I stick to regular pay or give holiday pay?

Whether you decide to give your nanny a regular paid day off or provide holiday pay for working should already be discussed and outlined in your work agreement. As a refresher, remember that time-and-a-half or double time is the standard for holiday pay.

If your nanny would like to take the paid holiday off, make sure that you agree on the days early. People have unique holiday traditions and of course, observe different holidays. Your nanny may celebrate non-standard federal holidays like Hanukkah, and would rather have other days off instead of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

On the other hand, your nanny may not prefer to celebrate the holidays at all. Some people like to treat holidays as a regular old day if they can’t celebrate with their family, don’t like holiday customs, or simply like to work on those days instead. Work out another arrangement with your nanny if that’s the case. You might offer them flexible days off to use another time instead.

What about the weeks leading up to holidays?

Talk to your nanny about pitching in during the weeks leading up to the holidays! Giving them extra hours before the holidays arrive may be a nice compromise for the both of you if they plan to take time off. As always, make sure your nanny is okay with running extra errands or taking on any special tasks during holiday prep. Taking care of your children is still top priority.

What tasks might you ask your nanny to do? They can help by decorating the house with the kids, browsing around for online gifts, wrapping presents, or preparing holiday cards. Easy errands like dropping off packages at the post office or light housekeeping before a family get-together are reasonable requests, too.

Should I give my nanny a holiday bonus or gift?

Yes! It’s nice to show your nanny appreciation for their hard work during the holidays. How much you pay or what you give them as a gift is up to you. The general rule of thumb for a standard holiday bonus is one to two weeks’ pay, depending on how long you’ve had your nanny.

Personalized, thoughtful gifts are always a nice idea. This is a great way to get the kids involved to show appreciation for your nanny. Plus, gifts don’t have to be expensive. A handmade card by the kids or homemade cookies are sweet ideas. 

Think about your nanny’s hobbies, too. Restaurant gift cards make great gifts for foodies. Give a bookstore gift card to a bookworm. If your nanny is a homebody, you might give them a cozy sweater or pair of slippers.

Plan with your nanny in advance

Whether you decide to do for the holidays, the main thing to remember is to plan ahead and talk to your nanny! Talk about your family’s holiday plans and the expectations you have for your nanny. Ask your nanny if they’d prefer certain days off or if they’d like to work on the holidays. You can then start planning for a stress-free and fun holiday season.

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