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How Triad Nannies and Families Can Work Through COVID-19

There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected families. From school shutdowns to shelter-in-place orders, many families in the Triad area and all over the U.S. are struggling to work from home with kids in tow. For families who employ nannies, this change can also affect how everyone works together.

If you’re struggling to figure out a “new normal” with your nanny during these unprecedented times, just know it’s totally normal. Of course, Preferred ChildCare is here to help you! Below, you’ll find support and tips to help you all keep working together during this time.

Families and nannies still need each other

Parents who are able to work from home during quarantine are not just doing their full-time jobs (now with Zoom chats and long hours at their laptop or computer). They’re also homeschooling their children, keeping them entertained, and helping them deal with a scary, unfamiliar situation. It’s unreasonable to think that parents can do it all without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Or without help! Families need their nannies more than ever.

On the other side, nannies may have to work fewer hours, restrict their contact with others to protect their employers and children, or even stay with families who are under stricter quarantine. In some cases, families may even consider letting their nannies go until the “dust settles.” While it’s understandable that families want to self-isolate to stay safe and healthy, it’s hard for nannies, who want to help take care of their charge.

So what can you do?

Create a COVID-19 plan together

The good news: nannies and families can continue their working arrangement if they communicate honestly and take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. 

For commuting nannies who do not live with the family, set up a plan for coming and going. When you arrive at the family home, take your shoes, outerwear, and face mask off before washing your hands thoroughly. Have a spare change of clothing kept at your employer’s home. 

Live-in nannies and commuting nannies should communicate frequently with their employers about:

  • The children’s distance learning and study schedules
  • Which indoor and outdoor activities are allowed
  • The parents’ work-from-home schedules
  • What happens if the nanny or someone in the family gets sick
  • Sick time and/or vacation policy

This upfront communication will make everyone feel better.

Keep communication going

We always recommend a daily check-in with your nanny, even before COVID-19. Now, though, communication is even more important. Check in often with each other. Talk about what’s working or what needs to be changed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Some of the situations we’ve seen come up include:

  • Nannies who want to know how to handle playdate invitations
  • Families who are worried their nanny isn’t social distancing
  • Parents wondering how long they need to keep their nannies on “leave”
  • Nannies who are wondering if they can renegotiate their contract to include sick time
  • And more…

This is a confusing, worrying situation for both parents and nannies. We all have to learn as we go here, and we need to work together to take care of our kiddos. So keep communicating!

Let Preferred ChildCare help

Preferred ChildCare has worked with families for over a decade, and each of our ChildCare Specialists has extensive experience caring for children. If you’re one of our nannies or families, lean on us for resources to help you get through this time.

You can also contact Preferred ChildCare if you are looking to build a relationship with a nanny who can help your family navigate this new normal. If you’re a nanny searching for a new position, apply to join our team!

For more tips on working with nannies as a parent, follow the Preferred ChildCare blog!

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