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Testimonials from OUR NANNIES

“I enjoy working for Preferred Child Care because I have a flexible schedule, I always get to work with wonderful families, and I am constantly supported by my team and bosses. One of my favorite things about working for Preferred Child Care is how they treat their employees. I often feel like family when I get to work with Megan or Kate and I always feel appreciated at the end of the day.”
Dana Beck, Occasional Care Nanny
“I love working through Preferred because it helps take the stresses off of being a professional nanny! They do an amazing job at vetting families and nannies and have helped me find wonderful families to work for. They help with your resume, contracts and things you wouldn’t think being a professional nanny requires! It streamlines a process that from experience in doing it myself can take months! The Preferred team is also an absolute joy to work with as they care about every nanny and family they help!”
Shawney Hines, Full Time Nanny
“I love working through PCC because I love the flexibility and variety of the agency and being able to pick up shifts that allow me to balance my work life and school life. I also love working through PCC because I enjoy helping children grow, explore and learn more about life and the appreciation you receive from a child is always the highlight of my day”
Amani Mclaughlin, Part Time Nanny
“Hi! I love working through PCC because I have naturally always been drawn to childcare. I never imagined that PCC could be so perfect for me. Being that I am a college student, this agency has been very understanding of that and works well with my class schedule. I am also grateful for the bonds I’ve made with families and fellow Nannies.”
Amaria Mclaughlin, Part Time Nanny
“I love working with PCC because of the support I get and feel. The team at PCC works hard in helping Nannie’s find the right fit. Even after placement I know I can call if I have any question or need anything. While looking for full time placement PCC helped me stay busy with various assignments so I could still pay me bills”
Kat Hurley, Full Time Nanny
“Working with Preferred Childcare is a dream! I have been in this field for nine years, and whenever it is time to find a new contract, I always come back to Preferred. PCC’s excellent staff has not only found me job placements, but have found me families where there is mutual respect, trust, and a wonderful personality match. Working with PCC has helped me meet my employment needs and career goals, and I would encourage any caregiver who is looking for their dream job to contact them immediately.”
Caroline J.
“I’ve been working with PCC off and on for a little over 10 years and when I miss working kids, I can always count on them to make placing me with a family the easiest! What I like most is having them advocate for me as a nanny and also making me feel valued as one. I really like having ongoing support after a placement as well. Having an agency that equally cares about my needs as much as the families has always been such an amazing feeling and I’m so grateful to be able to work with them!”
Roberta W.
“I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you, for matching me with the most kind and generous family. This family could not have been better suited for what I needed and what I wanted both professionally and personally. They are a blessing, as are you! I appreciate all your relentless efforts in matching me to my perfect family, and also for all the lovely people you introduced me to along the way. Thank you from the bottom of my full heart!!!”
“Preferred ChildCare has been the absolute best place to work for. The staff truly care about you and try their best to work with families that fit your personality. Working for PCC is ideal for any student, because they work with your schedule, you will be ensured as many hours as you’d like during your available times. This is not a job for me, it’s like being with family!!!”

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