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How we find your perfect nanny

1. We get to know you

We spend time getting to know your family through our registration process and scheduled family consultation to ensure we understand your needs and family dynamics. We will identify your weekly schedule, job responsibilities, and the personal qualities you would like to see in your nanny.

2. We find your ideal candidates

We have many established relationships with wonderful nannies and create new relationships every day. We will hand-pick the top candidates for your family to save you time and schedule interviews in the comfort of your own home.

3. We help you create an offer

We will help you create a job description, offer, and agreement to ensure you start your new relationship on the right foot. We will guide you every step through the hiring process.

4. We provide on-going support

We are here to answer questions, provide suggestions and offer a network of support for your family and your nanny. Our babysitting service can provide backup care if your nanny is out of town or sick.

Full time placement $8,497

(one time fee)


Family Consultation Call with Agency Team Member

Customized Position Marketing & Recruitment Campaign

Professional Interviews with candidates to ensure they match position and meet PCC standards, including our 12 Tier Screening Process*

Hand selected qualified and vetted candidates presented to the family with professional resume

Candidate Interviews with the family

Contract Development and completion including hourly rate, duties and negotiation of benefits

Payroll Process Recommendation

60 Day Replacement Period

*12-Tier Screening Includes:

Screening Application

Phone Screen

In person interview

Reference & Social Media Screen

Background Check including State & County Background Screening (Criminal & Civil)

Nationwide Criminal Search

MVR Check

Sexual Misconduct Record

Social Security Verification

Residency History

Infant/Child CPR & First Aid Certification Verification

To best meet your needs we offer a la carte additions that can be added to your placement package.


90 day replacement period
180 Day Replacement period
Enhanced Screening, to include all residencies + Drug testing
Drug testing
Nanny Curriculum
Reduced Rate for Annual Back up Membership
NC Alert


Full-time placement is defined as a constant placement more than thirty-five (35) hours a week. To begin the process for a full time placement, the Client shall pay a Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($750.00) deposit. This deposit will be applied to the final placement fee.

Upon successful placement of a full-time nanny, the Client shall pay the full time placement fee of Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-Seven Dollars - $7,747 ($8,497-$750 Deposit that has already been paid). The Client will pay the full time nanny directly for his or her services. The Client will have a 60-day guarantee on the nanny placement.

Full-time placement add-on options are available until 5 business days after the position starts.
The $250 registration fee is required to begin a search.
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we adore her!

Preferred Childcare found us the perfect nanny.

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