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“Stay Home” Activity Ideas for Nannies

As we say goodbye to spring and prepare for summer in North Carolina, it can be really tempting to take the children to all their favorite playgrounds or public spaces nearby. Though many facilities are still closed due to COVID-19, we’re seeing a few slowly (and safely) reopen. 

However, if you and your employers are not ready to venture out yet, there are still tons of safe, fun activities to do at home!

Make an indoor obstacle course

When you want an indoor activity that eats up some time, and that lets the kids flex their creativity skills, try an obstacle course. Pick a large, mostly empty space free of fragile items (or move those out of the way. A carpeted play space or family room works well. Gather soft, nonbreakable objects for your course, like couch cushions, bean bag chairs, blankets, throw pillows, and soft storage boxes. 

Help the kids put the course together and then let them take a run at it! You can even time them individually to see if they can beat their personal record. Bonus: when you need to wind down, you can easily convert your indoor obstacle course into a cozy blanket and pillow fort.

Need a few more ideas to let the kids get their energy out? Try musical freeze tag or having a silly dance party. 

Bring indoor activities outside

Bring games, toys, and activities usually done indoors to the backyard or front yard. It’s a great way to soak up some North Carolina sunshine and warmth. 

Here are just a few great activities you can do outside, too:

  • Reading
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Coloring or drawing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Playing with toys
  • Science experiments

The change of scenery can make these activities feel fresh and new again. Of course, the kids can always have fun with outdoor activities like tag, hide-and-seek, I Spy, climbing trees, hopscotch, and more.

Enjoy Triad area trails and spaces (responsibly!)

If you’re a nanny in the Triad area, you might have heard that North Carolina state parks are open starting at the end of May. Some parks are reopening within limits, too, with plans to fully open to the public soon. With permission from your employers, and after setting some ground rules with the kiddos, consider visiting one of the nearby state parks or trails in the Triad. 

The swim beach and visitor center at Hanging Rock State Park may be closed to the public, but trails and a few restrooms are open. Hanging Rock Trail is a one-way trail a little over one mile long, and is probably best for slightly older kids. You can also head to Pilot Mountain State Park to give Jomeokee Trail a shot. It’s a moderate loop that’s less than one mile long, with great views from three different lookout points.

Whichever park or trail you choose, check the North Carolina State Parks website for information on closures or park capacity first.

If you’re not a Triad area nanny, check out local trails or walking paths that are open to the public, and that might not be too populated.

Try a backyard scavenger hunt

Not ready to brave public spaces with the kids yet? Put together an easy backyard scavenger hunt for the kids. 

Add items to your scavenger hunt list like:

  • Dandelion
  • Leaf
  • Pinecone
  • Stick
  • Pebble
  • Blade of grass
  • Worm
  • Bee
  • Bird
  • Bird’s nest
  • Feather 
  • Ant
  • Butterfly or moth
  • Spider
  • Spiderweb 
  • Cloud
  • Flowerpot 
  • Garden hose
  • Gardening tool
  • Outdoor toy 

There’s no limit to the items you can include in your scavenger hunt. You can make it easier or more difficult depending on the children’s ages. You can even create an indoor version for a rainy day, too.

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