Let Us Find Your PERFECT Nanny!



We cannot say enough good things about Preferred Childcare! Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good sitter, not to mention the time it takes to contact them on your own. Now I only have to make one phone call (or email!) to Preferred and they find a wonderful sitter for me! Our kids love the sitters we have had. The young women are very professional, always arrive early and provide the best possible care for our children. They also make sure the house is picked up before they leave and fill out a sheet of detailed feedback about their time with the kids. Give Preferred a call the next time you need a sitter!

Anna H., Greensboro, NC

I just wanted to let you know that my boys LOVED Courtney!  Mitchell woke up the next morning asking where she was.  You gals sure do know how to pick wonderful caretakers!

Ricki H., Jamestown, NC

Gina is an excellent caregiver! She knows children extremely well and is able to handle them easily. I was able to leave the house having given her minimal instruction and when I returned home she was playing with my son and daughter just as I myself would have. I was able to be in the house without having to give her any help at all. It is clear she has a great deal of experience and is confident in childcare.

Julia M., Kernersville, NC

I really appreciated the detailed notes Jenna left about her night. She seemed very comfortable right away with both my toddler and baby. My son told me she was lots of fun and it is always so great to hear that your child had an immediate connection with a sitter.

Meghan C., Winston Salem, NC

Great Sitters Everytime! We have been using the services of Preferred Childcare since my daughter was just a few weeks old (3 years ago) They do an amazing job finding care givers that really connect with children. It is clear that the people they hire are in this for more than just a job, they are passionate about caring for children. My daughter has had a ton of fun with every single person they have sent. They never talk on their phone, text or even eat my food when I tell them they can. They are so polite, professional, and mature. Also, what a treat to make one phone call and have a guaranteed great sitter. They’ve even turned around a 1 hour request before when I was in a bind. Amazing.

Brian S., High Point, NC

I’ve been a client of Preferred ChildCare for several years now. Thank you for taking such great care of my two little guys, Will and Tate! Most recently, we’ve been connected with Paige and Sydnie, and they are fabulous! Our boys adore them and they “shoo” my husband and I out the door on date nights.

Anne B., Family Greensboro, NC

After losing our regular sitter to college, we struggled to find a dependable sitter. We tend to do things last minute, and that makes it very challenging to find childcare. We would spend hours calling around to try to find someone. We love Preferred Child Care because they screen everyone, and they have their own transportation. It is a relief to know that if someone invites us out to an event, we can go ahead and make plans without having to find a sitter first. We have even called them with only a 24 hour notice and they found us someone. Everyone they have sent has been great with the kids and extremely professional. I have to work weekends at times, and it has been useful to have someone care for one child if the other has a soccer game out of town etc. I have referred other parents and they too have been pleased with Preferred Child Care’s service.

Greta O., Jamestown, NC

We ADORED Layne! She was so kind and sweet and engaging with Lily and such a great personality and sense of humor – Sean & I really clicked with her too – we wanted to cancel our plans to stay home and hang out with her. 🙂 Lily feel asleep early and in the den while Layne was here (that NEVER happens) so Layne was so precious to carry Lily to bed and we were worried Lily might be getting sick. The next day Layne texted us just to check in and see how Lily was feeling – talk about above and beyond – we really loved Layne and hope we can get her next time!!

Heather M.,  Greensboro, NC

Your service is so great, it is so nice to have someone that can send us qualified girls to care for our children so we can get things done. We don’t have family in town and your service has been so helpful!

Amanda N., Greensboro, NC

I just wanted to let you know how great Caitlin was today.  We like her a lot and hope she likes us, too!  In addition to all the wonderful time she spent playing with the boys, she also tidied things up a lot, cleaned , and i just noticed she even washed and put away some of my fruits and veggies from the grocery store!  All a huge help.  She is super sweet and we are excited to have her.

Thank you for setting us up!
Kitty S., Greensboro, NC

My kids loved Lindsay.  My oldest called me Monday night while we were out and said that she was “The best babysitter ever!”.  That has never happened before.  She was great with the kids and had just the right amount of discipline and “play”.  We would love to have her be our regular sitter if she is available.

Karen H., Summerfield, NC

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about Sarah.  She is a very reliable and kind person in addition to being very intelligent.  She actively engages with our children’s activities yet is firm on the “rules of the house.”  Our family has enjoyed getting to know Sarah and having her keep our children.  She is a joy to know and is our favorite sitter!

Kelly W., Summerfield, NC

Phil and I so appreciate all you and your girls do to help take care of our family. So nice to know you are always there for us, and we’ve met such cute and capable girls through Preferred.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth P., Greensboro, NC

We’ve used Preferred Childcare for 3 years and have always been satisfied with the quality of our sitters.  My son always adores them and asks for them to come back. I love that we can have a sitter and not have to worry about stopping by the ATM on the way home.  It’s so convenient that they debit our checking account.  It’s also nice to know that as long as I give then 48 hours notice, they will take care of all the “calls”.  In the past, I had to call a sitter, wait for her to call me back, only to tell me she couldn’t do it and I wasted a whole day not calling anyone else in the meantime.  Preferred Childcare is professional, easy to use, reliable, and a lifesaver to a working, busy mom!  Thanks for all you do for our family!

Carrie H., Advance, NC

When I went back to work after being a stay at home mom for nine years Preferred Childcare was the only place I went to look for a sitter! I was very picky about who was going to drive my children around to their activities, help with homework etc. The quality of sitters is top notch! The owner Megan and her office staff know all the sitters personally and do a great job of matching up the right sitter for each family. We have used them for years and have always had a great experience! Highly recommended them!!

Susan C., Greensboro, NC

When you need a reliable, well-trained and energetic sitter you can trust, Preferred Childcare is the best option in the Triad.  Rain, snow or shine, you can be assured that a great sitter will care for your children.  We’ve used Preferred Childcare for years, especially for can’t miss events and meetings.  You know the sitters are great when your kids beg you to have them return!

Holly S., Greensboro, NC

Preferred Childcare is absolutely AWESOME!  It has been such a lifesaver for me and my family.  They not only provide superior service, but they take the time to ensure that the consultant they assign to you is a perfect fit for your needs.  The sitters are very professional.  The staff is very professional, patient, flexible, accommodating, and caring.  I don’t know how I just found out about this agency but they are the best kept secret in the triad area for parents needing services for their children of any age; even adolescents who need driving services.  Preferred Childcare has been GREAT!

Von S., Oak Ridge, NC

We LOVED Kristen!!! She is adorable.  The kids enjoyed the one-on-one time she spent with them.  She cleaned the dishes and had the sunroom straight and gave Ellie a bath.  She’s a super care taker.  We’d love to have her back.

Kathie N., Greensboro, NC

Thanks so much for a great experience on Friday–Amanda is wonderful!  Andrew and Catherine had a great time, and we appreciate the close attention they received.  Thanks again for your service…we look forward to calling you again soon!  Please pass our appreciation to Amanda, as well!

Mary P., Greensboro, NC