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Preferred ChildCare can meet your needs with a membership plan to help you find the perfect occasional or part time nanny

Perks Of Membership Include:

Priority access.
Preferred ChildCare members will receive priority access to ensure your needs are met even in the busiest times.
Priority rate. 
You will receive savings of up to $7.50 an hour, along with increased predictability of your monthly childcare expenses.
For members with varying weekly needs, we will reach out to your preferred ChildCare Specialists first. For members with consistent needs of more than 19 hours a week, you will go through the interview process of candidates to select a nanny.
Monthly Giveaways.
By being a member, you are automatically entered to win free childcare, gift cards to favorite restaurants, and more!

Monthly Membership Plans:

VIF Members (Very Important Family)
$50/mo or $500/y
  • Priority scheduling (All VIF placements filled before non-members)
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • 20+ Hours Per Week:
    • T1: Babysitting $24.50
    • T2: Nanny $28.50
  • 19> Hours Per Week:
    • T1:Babysitting $26
    • T2: Nanny $30
  • Consistency in ChildCare Specialists
  • Monthly Giveaways
Rates for Non Members
  • Babysitting $30
  • Nanny $36
  • Consistency in ChildCare Specialists

T1 - ChildCare Specialist will engage children and pick up after kids. Help with traditional child
care related duties such as dinner preparation, bath and bedtime routine.
T2 - ChildCare Specialist will provide traditional child care related duties in addition to duties
such as: transportation, up to 10 miles included, help with homework, unload dishwasher, help
with children’s laundry.

For Clients that need organization, errands, household laundry or light housekeeping please view
our Household Manager offerings.

fee and policy schedule
“I just wanted to let you know that my boys LOVED Courtney! Mitchell woke up the next morning asking where she was. You gals sure do know how to pick wonderful caretakers!”
“We cannot say enough good things about Preferred Childcare! Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good sitter, not to mention the time it takes to contact them on your own. Now I only have to make one phone call (or email!) to Preferred and they find a wonderful sitter for me! Our kids love the sitters we have had. The young women are very professional, always arrive early and provide the best possible care for our children. They also make sure the house is picked up before they leave and fill out a sheet of detailed feedback about their time with the kids. Give Preferred a call the next time you need a sitter!”
“Gina is an excellent caregiver! She knows children extremely well and is able to handle them easily. I was able to leave the house having given her minimal instruction and when I returned home she was playing with my son and daughter just as I myself would have. I was able to be in the house without having to give her any help at all. It is clear she has a great deal of experience and is confident in childcare.”
“I really appreciated the detailed notes Jenna left about her night. She seemed very comfortable right away with both my toddler and baby. My son told me she was lots of fun and it is always so great to hear that your child had an immediate connection with a sitter.”